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Taptic Engine Upgrade

Taptic Engine Upgrade

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The Taptic Engine upgrade is available as an add-on service for iPod Classic orders only. Please ensure you have selected the desired iPod model before adding the upgrade to your cart.

Upgrade Your iPod Classic with Taptic Engine: Elevate Your Music Experience with Haptic Feedback

Revitalize your iPod Classic and take your music enjoyment to new heights with our exclusive Taptic Engine upgrade service. By integrating cutting-edge haptic feedback technology into your iPod's click wheel scroll, this upgrade will transform the way you interact with your music library. Say goodbye to conventional scrolling and immerse yourself in a tactile experience like never before.

The Taptic Engine upgrade brings a new dimension of engagement to your iPod Classic's click wheel scroll. Feel the subtle vibrations that simulate the sensation of physical buttons, making your navigation more intuitive and satisfying. Experience a deeper connection to your music as you sense each interaction with precision.

With haptic feedback, you'll no longer have to rely solely on visual cues. The Taptic Engine provides tactile confirmation for every turn, swipe, and selection, minimizing accidental inputs and ensuring more accurate control. Seamlessly browse through your music library with confidence and finesse.

Seamless Integration: Our expert technicians will skillfully integrate the Taptic Engine into your iPod Classic, ensuring a seamless and cohesive upgrade. The timeless design and aesthetics of your device will remain intact, with the added benefit of the enhanced haptic feedback seamlessly blending into the click wheel.

Efficient Power Management: Rest assured that the Taptic Engine upgrade is optimized for efficient power consumption. You can enjoy extended music playback sessions without compromising battery life. Immerse yourself in your favorite tunes for hours on end, while the Taptic Engine enhances your experience.


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What upgraded iPod means? 

- new battery (standard or 3000 mAh)

- new housing, screen and headphones jack

- Fast SD Card or SSD instead of old and slow HDD

- new accessories 

How to Sync iPod with Mac Or PC?

Our iPods are fully compatible with iTunes, OSX music, and all other iPod-compatible third party music apps

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