Is it possible to combine the Bluetooth, USB-C, and AirTag in one iPod?

Absolutely! You can create the iPod Classic of your dreams by combining the Bluetooth, USB-C, and AirTag features. What's more, you have the option to add a unique engraving, making your iPod Classic truly one-of-a-kind.

What headphones does the iPod with the Bluetooth mod work with?

You can connect it to a wide range of devices equipped with the Bluetooth, including headphones, speakers, and even the audio system in your car. Say hello to wireless freedom.

Do I need to remove the AirTag from the iPod when it runs out of charge?

No need to worry about your AirTag running out of charge. The beauty of our players is that the AirTag is built into the iPod and is connected to the iPod's battery. It means that you don’t need to replace the battery each year.

Are these original iPod Classics?

Yes, absolutely! At Player Mods, we are committed to preserving the authenticity and quality of the original iPod Classic.

Can I sync the iPod with iTunes on a Mac or PC?

Certainly! Your iPod is designed to work seamlessly with iTunes on both Mac and PC platforms. You can easily manage your music library, create playlists, and transfer your favorite tracks to your player, just as you would with a standard iPod Classic.