How will the iPod Сlassic change with the addition of the USB-С mod?

We take great pride in introducing new technology while preserving the iconic design and functionality of our Custom iPod Classics. Among our top-selling modifications, and a customer favorite, is the USB-C mod – an extension that allows users to charge the player using any USB-C cable and enjoy music through headphones with the same convenience.

Importantly, this mod maintains the timeless design of the iPod players, ensuring a stylish aesthetic that complements your gaming experience.

This mod seamlessly integrates into the existing design of our iPods, offering users the flexibility to charge their devices using any USB-C cable. No need for different wires – simply plug in using USB-C. This extension also allows for easy connection to headphones using the USB-C cable, providing a hassle-free and versatile user experience.

We understand the importance of preserving the aesthetic appeal of the iPods. With the USB-C modification, the design remains unchanged, ensuring that the iconic style our customers love remains intact.

Certainly, the operating time of our players remains consistent. You can still enjoy around 130 hours of continuous music playback.

Effortless charging, unchanged aesthetics, consistent operating time, and future-proofing – our commitment to delivering the best in gaming technology remains unwavering.

You can customize your own player by adding the USB-C and other mods here on our website. Elevate your music experience with our custom iPod Classics, where innovation meets iconic design.

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